Never Steady, Never Still

My first child died inside me, inside my swollen womb
The doctor said it was her heart, it wasn't growing like it should've
My mom said to me then that death is not cruel, death is a gift from god, just as life is.
I told mom i wasn't so sure about god.
And then there was ed, the still babe held tight to his chest
he looked thin and pale as the underside of a leaf
And I knew then that it must have been my heart
that could not fill her heart properly
'cause I can see her tiny fist between the folds of the cloth
and I know she was anything but weak.

Fundamental Theorem of Calculus

First Fundamental Theorem of Calculus: where F’(x) = f(x).
Second Fundamental Theorem of Calculus: where g is any anti-derivative of f.

Child’s Math

My Personal PGP Public Key

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Shouya & Shouko

Koe no Katachi

for its theme of love, suffering, redemption, suicide, friendship, and so much more.

Favorite Speeches

You must never give in to despair. Allow yourself to slip down that road and you surrender to your lowest instincts. In the darkest times, hope is something you give yourself. That is the meaning of inner strength. (Uncle Iroh)

I'm in all of it. I'm the darkness and the light, I'm the sunshine and the storm. Yes, you're right, I was there in her laugh, but I'm also here now in your pain. I'm the reason for everything. I am the only "why." (Love, Collateral Beauty)

Imagine you’re on your deathbed—and standing around your bed are the ghosts representing your unfilled potential. The ghosts of the ideas you never acted on. The ghosts of the talents you didn’t use. And they’re standing around your bed. Angry. Disappointed. Upset. “We came to you because you could have brought us to life,” they say.  “And now we go to the grave together.” So I ask you today: How many ghosts are going to be around your bed when your time comes? (Denzel Washington)

Only in darkness are we revealed. Goodness is not goodness that seeks advantage. Good is good in the final hour, in the deepest pit, without hope, without witness, without reward. Virtue is only virtue in extremis. (Doctor Who)

Singers I loved for 2014

Florence + the Machine

Gabrielle Aplin 


Globe Trekker

I’ve always loved globe trekker and I’ve always loved Megan McCormick and Ian Wright. They are always fun and funny.

Sharon den Adel

For the songs “All I Need”, “Somewhere”, “Memories”, “Angel”, and many other songs that feeds my soul.

Studio Albums
Enter (1997)
The Dance (1998)
Mother Earth (2001)
The Silent Force (2004)
The Heart of Everything (2007)
The Unforgiving (2011)
Hydra (2014)

Doctor Who

For his view of humanity and how wonderful life really is. because i cant help but be the complete opposite as all i see is the darkness in people.

Ryoko Hirosue

For her smile. I’ve always loved.